How to make your LinkedIn profile memorable

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How to make your LinkedIn profile memorable

There is a uniformity to LinkedIn profiles that can make them difficult to stand out. However, LinkedIn is a fantastic resource for job seekers. So, it pays to do everything you can to make sure anyone who reads your profile is left with a positive memorable impression. Here are my tips to make sure your profile works as hard as it can to engage the reader.

Optimise the headline to your target role

LinkedIn defaults to the job title of your current role. However, you can change this to reflect the job title of the job you are targeting or to one that more accurately reflect the nature of your role.

 Write a compelling summary

Be warm, welcoming and friendly. Write the summary in first person as though you are having a one-to-one conversation with the reader. Give them understanding and insight into your personality and style. Show them how you would add value to their business.

Create a customised URL

A customised URL that encompasses your name will be easier for you and anyone else to remember. On the Edit Profile screen click ‘Edit’ next to the Public Profile URL. It’s that simple.

Optimise with key words and phrases

Throughout the summary and experience sections you should liberally sprinkle key words and phrases associated with your target jobs. These should also form part of your list of skills.

Include a background photo

A background photo is a chance for you to make your profile distinctive and have more colour. Choose something abstract or work related. The file needs to be a minimum 1584 x 396 pixels.

Include achievements

In each of your employments make sure you include examples of achievements. Reflect on specific initiatives and things you have done to improve processes, procedures and performance. Include facts and figures to support these.                                         

Make connections

Be proactive in getting connected with anyone you feel could benefit your career. LinkedIn will make suggestions but do not just rely on these. If you connect with people you have not met, then always send an accompanying message about why you would like to connect with them.

Never write anything that might upset a previous employer

Remember that LinkedIn is a public platform. Think carefully about anything you write and how it might be perceived by someone reading it.

Ask for recommendations

It is always worth asking people for recommendations. Many people will feel flattered to be asked. Secret CV tip: include snippets from your LinkedIn recommendations on your CV – they can look powerful and convincing.

Make sure you complete the profile

There are many different sections you can complete - for example projects and voluntary work. Completing these additional sections shows an active lifestyle and further highlights activities you have been involved with.

Author your own articles

You can post articles you have written on LinkedIn. Bring out the author in you and write about a topic of interest to your connections. Show yourself to be the thinker and communicator you are.

This article is written by Neville Rose, Director of CV Writers.

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