Give your CV some personality

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Give your CV some personality

No one else is quite like you. You are unique. The personality, quality and behaviours you possess nobody else does, at least, not quite in the same combination. Why is it then that so many CVs look the same, devoid of personality and shining no light on the person behind it? You would be forgiven that job seekers would rather be a sheep within an anonymous crowd than to stand out on their own.

Be authentic to yourself

There is a certain herd mentality amongst some job seekers that leads to a catch 22 situation. Many job seekers fall back on recruitment cliches when describing themselves. Phrases such as ‘can work equally well in a team as well as on my own’ have been said many times before. Who doesn’t have ‘great communication skills’? So, whilst at the same time as trying to stand out, people tend to write exactly the same things. See the catch 22?  

Find original words that best describe your personal attributes

The challenge with writing a CV that reads like everyone else’s is that it will be dull and generic. The CV is unlikely to capture the interest of the reader and therefore more likely to be passed over. It is much better to be brave and bold. Say something different. As marketers might say – find the essence of brand you. This isn’t about making unsupportable statements. It is about finding original words to describe the personal qualities that drive your success. The qualities that make you good at what you do.

Yet it is not always easy to write about yourself

It can sometimes be difficult to write about yourself. You have to almost look at yourself from another person’s perspective. One way to help provide that external reflection is to work with a professional CV writer. Asking a trusted colleague is another way of finding out how others see you. A thesaurus is also a good tool for finding different words to describe similar skills.

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Where can you let your personality shine in a CV?

The best place to show your personality is in the professional profile at the beginning. This is your positioning statement. The first sentence should state who you are and what you do – so the reader can understand clearly that you are, for example, a ‘financial controller’ or ‘finance business partner’. The rest of the paragraph should describe the personal qualities that make you great at your job. Go on, be bold and don’t hold back. Say something different that will engage the reader and entice them to read on and find out more about you.

This article is written by Neville Rose, Director of CV Writers.

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