CDP: Future ready: accountancy careers in the 2020s

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As a quickly growing digital landscape explodes the global economy, a number of forces are coming together to reshape how businesses compete and create long term sustainable prosperity with purpose. This new world order is turning upside down previously held, well established norms in the workplace and redefining the very definition of the work that organisations need to perform to survive. It also means we need to reconsider ‘jobs’ and traditional work constructs in accountancy. ACCA’s Future of Careers report considers the trends impacting the careers that professional accountants will have in the future, as well as identifying broad areas of career opportunities as we look forward.

Learning outcomes include:

  • understanding the drivers of change impacting careers as we look forward 
  • understanding emerging areas of career opportunity in the profession 
  • consideration of how individuals can navigate their own careers in this evolving landscape.


Jamie Lyon, Head of Business Management, Professional Insights, ACCA

Jamie leads ACCA’s cutting-edge insights programme that explores the implications and opportunities presented by advancing digital technologies, corporate governance, enterprise risk, financial and business transformation and talent management.   

By working with employers, governments and regulators across the world, he and his team produce cutting edge, practical and accessible advice and insight on the most pressing issues impacting the business environment.  

His extensive experience of financial management, corporate transformation, risk management and talent development was gained during his career in industry with a number of leading FTSE 100 businesses including Royal and Sun Alliance and Marks and Spencer. Jamie is a chartered certified accountant with a degree in Economics from Sheffield University.

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