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content student Enxhi Hasani

ACCA student Enxhi Hasani originally planned a career in tech before realising that her skill set was also well suited to accountancy.

Tirana-based Enxhi Hasani originally planned a career in tech before realising that her skill set was also well suited to accountancy. She’s now finishing ACCA strategic professional exams, and was recently one of the students who gained top marks in Albania for the Strategic Business Reporting exam. Enxhi is currently working for EY and hopes to become an ACCA member in 2023. We hear about her journey.

Tell us about your route into the accountancy profession

I was initially reluctant to get into accounting because I wanted to build a career in  data science and technology. I started my university studies but, after a year, I realised that business intelligence and accounting are strongly related, so I decided instead to pursue a career in accountancy. Accountancy skills can lead to great career opportunities and professional growth, and the chance to work in challenging environments. In addition, as well as gaining extensive technical knowledge, you can also apply your theoretical understanding to the development and improvement of financial processes that use the latest accounting technology. As a result, a career in accounting encourages you to be a continuous learner so that you can maintain the professional competence required to deliver exceptional client service.

How has your career developed since leaving university?

I now have six years of considerable experience in the tax sector, in tax accounting and compliance services, and I am currently working at EY Albania as a tax senior in the Global Compliance and Reporting Services department. I also hold an MSc degree in Accounting and Auditing from the University of Tirana. I attended my first ACCA exam session in September 2021, while working full time at EY Albania, and I am currently studying for my final ACCA exams. I hope to become an ACCA member in 2023.

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Why did you choose ACCA for your professional qualification?

Obtaining an academic degree opened many doors in Albania, but I knew that the combination of a degree and a prestigious international qualification – recognised by the Albanian accounting body – would have a very positive influence on my career.

How has EY supported your ACCA studies?

EY granted me study leave and gave me financial support to cover ACCA fees. This level of support strengthened my personal ambition to achieve ACCA membership and was also mutually beneficial as I can use the theory and knowledge gained from my ACCA studies in the workplace.

For many students the combination of full-time work and ACCA study can be challenging. What was your approach?

It certainly can be a challenge, but I’ve also found that the combination of work and study boosted my confidence, and improved my progress and work performance. I mostly studied at weekends, due to the requirements of my job, but EY’s Global Compliance and Reporting department gave me the opportunity to practise the knowledge I gained, with the result that the time spent studying also really helped me enhance my professional skills.

Enxhi: at a glance

Location: Tirana, Albania

Education: MSc in Accounting and Auditing, University of Tirana

Currently: Tax senior, Global Compliance and Reporting Services, EY Albania

ACCA status: Strategic Professional exams, aiming for membership in 2023

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