Five online exercises you can do at home

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We take a look at five of the best online ways to stay fit while at home.

In the age of Covid-19 confinement, a man in France kept fit by running a marathon on his balcony.

Elisha Nochomovitz from Toulouse ran 42.2km (26.2 miles) back and forth, never leaving his seven metre-long (23 feet) balcony.

While this is an astonishing feat, it is fair to say there are far easier ways to stay fit while at home.

Thanks to social media we now have direct access to trainers and access to programmes designed for beginners through to professionals.


Fiit provides video-led access to trainers and workouts, including cardio, strength and rebalance, which includes yoga, pilates, mobility and breath work – and all feature sessions comprised of body weight moves, which makes them accessible to everybody.

There are hundreds of videos already available – either 25 or 40 minutes in length and varying in difficulty. Upgrading to a premium membership provides you with a Fiit device, which allows you to live track your heart rate and calories burnt during a workout.


CrossFit online courses are open to all individuals and trainers at any fitness level. The courses comprise independent ‘boxes’ where members converge in anticipation of the next WOD (workout of the day).

Combining strength training with gymnastic agility and athletic capability, CrossFit has attracted a tight-knit community through serious training and friendly competition. It even has its own form of Olympics: the CrossFit Games.

Jessica Smith TV

Jessica Smith TV shares a unique collection of videos with seven-minute, 10-minute and 30-minute in-home exercise programs. She offers a variety of workout styles – some focus on fat burning, others on cardio conditioning, workouts for beginners and kickboxing workouts.

You Are Your Own Gym

As the app’s suggests, your own body is all you need to get a full workout with this solution. You Are Your Own Gym offers exercise plans from fitness instructor and author Mark Lauren. Choose from programmes as brief as two minutes or as long as 36 minutes. This app is perfect for home exercise for anyone without equipment.

The app offers 10-week fitness programs for all levels. If you have an Apple device, you can integrate You Are Your Own Gym with HealthKit to save and track your exercise programs in the Health app.

Active by POPSUGAR

A free app, Active by POPSUGAR features hundreds of workouts from celebrity trainers such as Halle Berry and Jennifer Lopez, as well as POPSUGAR Fitness experts. You can schedule your workouts in advance and get notified when it’s time to get started. Plus, you can filter each workout based on difficulty, duration, and type – so if you’re looking for a beginner workouts for 20 minutes, this app has got you.

Plus, you can download your favourite workout videos to play online, just in case your mum’s basement doesn’t have WiFi.

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