Downloadable CV Template

2 page CV

While we encourage you to tailor your CV to every job application you make, use this simple CV template to help create a winning CV. You can download it too... at the bottom of this article.

1) Name, role and contact details

2) Professional profile

Tell the reader what your job title is and the scope of your expertise. Explain the particular individual qualities you bring to your work that makes you shine. This is your one and only change to grab the attention of the reader so be bold and don't hold back. End by describing the overall difference you will make to organisational success and keep the profile within 4 lines length.

3) Key skills

List them as with key words and key phrases, for example, financial analysis, project management, XERO, QuickBooks, and so on.

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4) Career history

Date started – date ended or present

Job title & name of employer

Briefly describe the organisation, the services provided and any interesting details such as turnover or number of employees. Describe the main focus and scope of your role.

  • Describe any management or people responsibility and specify using figures to illustrate
  • Tell the reader about any interesting or different areas of responsibility outside of what one might expect
  • Outline any additional responsibilities but try to use up only 3 bullet points for responsibilities and remember a bullet should never be longer than 2 lines
  • The majority of bullet points should contain specific examples of achievements, and where possible, these should be supported with facts and figures
  • So use the rest of the bullet points here to describe concrete examples of achievements that demonstrate the difference you have made to your role
  • It is important to describe the outcomes of your endeavours, remember, it is not what you do but the results you attained that are important
  • Be anecdotal and descriptive, the reader will memorise specific examples of achievements especially if they are supported with facts and figures
  • It is generally your most recent work that is of most interest to new employers so write more here and less about jobs further back in time

Continue until you've included all your relevant experience.

5) Personal development

Include your certificates and memberships, the institutions that awarded them and when you received them.

6) Education

Include your qualifications, the institutions that awarded them and when you received them.

Download the CV template here (Word file, 56KB)

This template was created by Neville Rose, Director of CV Writers.

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