CV Structure Part 1: Contact details and personal information

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CV Structure Part 1: Contact details and personal information

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So, just how important are contact details to a CV? Well, this is a question that should not need answering. However, I have come across CVs where customers have not included their contact details and left them scratching their heads as to why they were receiving no response to applications. Sometimes it is very easy to overlook the obvious.  

What contact details to include

The key thing here is to keep it simple. For instance, only provide one telephone number. If you have a landline and a mobile and a recruiter leaves a message on your landline that is hardly ever used, then you may miss it. So, I would recommend just having one email address and one telephone number. That way you know to check your email and phone messages regularly for any response.

What about a postal address?

Include a postal address only it if works to your advantage. This would mainly be if you are applying for a job locally and therefore having only a short commute to work. Otherwise, I would leave your address off the CV as most recruiters will email or telephone you initially. There is a reasonable assumption you would not apply for a role you would not travel to.

 Should I have a link to my LinkedIn profile?

LinkedIn is probably the next place a recruiter will try to find out more about you. Having an up-to-date profile that is consistent with your CV all goes towards creating a good positive first impression. Therefore, do include a link if your LinkedIn profile is up to date and looks smart. However, if you have not updated the profile recently then refresh and update this before including a link in your CV.

Where to place contact details

Place your contact details prominently at the top of the CV under your name. There is no need to replicate contact details on the second page.

Personal information

Do not include any personal information in a CV relating to age, gender, marital status, or ethnicity. Your CV should be assessed purely on your ability to do the job. Including any other personal information – including a photo – can induce subconscious bias on the part of the reader, so better to leave this out of the CV.  

This article is written by Neville Rose, Director of CV Writers.

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