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Do I need to include a photo with my CV or personal information like my date of birth?

  • Do not include any personal information in a CV relating to age, gender, marital status, or ethnicity. Your CV should be assessed purely on your ability to do the job. Including any other personal information – including a photo – can induce subconscious bias on the part of the reader, so better to leave this out of the CV. More advice: CV Structure Part 1: Contact details and personal information

How many pages should a CV be?

Do I need a professional profile on my CV?

What if I don’t have any work experience?

How do I explain a career break in my CV?

How do I write an intern CV?

  • We've written an article dedicated to writing intern CVs, which is also useful for anyone who doesn't yet have much work experience: 

What are application tracking systems and how do I optimise my CV?

How do I present transferable skills in my CV?

Can I express my personality in my CV?

How do I present the contact details and personal information?

How do I write a key skills section?

  • This is all about getting your important and relevant skills to pop out. You want key words and phrases that match the job advert to stand out. Read how to do it here: CV Structure Part 3: Key Skills Section

How do I write my career history?

  • It's important to tweak your career history to each job application. What does the employer want and how can you provide that in your career to date? More advice: CV Structure Part 4: Career History

How do I present qualifications, memberships and professional development?

How do I write a CV for a senior or experienced professional?

  • The trick is to be selective when it comes to your skills and experience to help the most important aspects stand out quickly. We've made a little expert video: CV writing for experienced professionals

Should I pay someone to write a CV?

  • It can be a good option. CV writing experts can bring a lot of expert understanding and unique ideas to the process. CV writing can also prove very difficult for some people for various reasons: 

How do you structure a CV?

  • There are two ways to structure a CV, the reverse chronological structure and the skills or competency style CV. Find out what they are which is right for you: How to structure your CV effectively

How do you write a finance CV?

  • When writing a finance CV, it's important to focus it to your target jobs and make sure you keep it brief. More here: How to write a finance CV

Do you have a CV template?

Should references be included with a CV?

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