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Join ACCA’s Narayanan Vaidyanathan and talent doctor Rob Yeung for a free and interactive webinar as we help you grow your emotional superpower.

Drawing on ACCA research, Narayanan will explain the importance of emotional intelligence (EQ) for finance professionals in a digital age. And organisational psychologist Dr Rob Yeung will look at how EQ is a key ingredient in developing a successful career.

Finance professionals at all levels of their career can improve their EQ. The more an individual focuses on EQ the more their performance will increase. And this matters because research suggests that EQ is fundamental to high levels of success for finance professionals.

The webinar will look at a key enabler for developing EQ, a growth mindset: feeling comfortable with your ability to overcome obstacles and challenges and moving into new areas. Learn how this impacts our working lives as technology continues to have a significant impact on the way accountants work. Possessing the ability to understand the value embedded in emotions is a key part of understanding the impact of digital.

Understand in practical terms how mastering EQ both in yourself and in others helps to control and use emotions to achieve desirable outcomes in the workplace. While technical skills remain a core requirement of professional accountants, the future is demanding a wider set of capabilities, including EQ.

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