Career Development and Support

Looking for a new role can feel like a full-time job itself and when your job search goes on for longer than expected, you also have to work to maintain your motivation and confidence levels.

ACCA Careers is always here to help ACCA Members progress their careers and find their dream job.

To optimise your job search strategy we have valuable resources based on feedback from ACCA Members

We've also created video support:

Facilitated by HR specialist Kate Llewellyn-Cripps, hear from a panel of ACCA members who have found success in their job search and the hints and tips that have helped them on the career journey.

A rare opportunity to listen to professional career advice given from a panel of employability experts including a recruiter and ACCA Careers in this recorded session.

Catherine Edwards, Associate Director Skills and Assessment from ACCA, explains how to use the ACCA Competency Framework in the job application process.


Returning to work?

Access a range of resources for an accountant to reskill prior to returning to work after a career or family break here

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