Benefits of keeping in touch after leaving a company

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Whenever you accept a job at a new company, you leave behind valued colleagues and managers. However, keeping in touch with them can be beneficial for many reasons.

When it comes to networking, there is arguably more value in continuing to network with former co-workers as there is in building new relationships. One huge benefit of former colleagues and managers is that they can give references and recommendations based on the experience of working together.

‘By networking with new prospects, current colleagues and former co-workers, you are building a much broader base from which to launch the next stage of your career,’ says Luci Parkins, recruitment consultant, public practice audit and accountancy, Morgan McKinley.

Not only that, but a former boss or colleague may one day be looking to recruit – and it can be easier to land a job through a former colleague, rather than through someone you have no previous connection to.


Likewise, a former manager can continue to be a valuable mentor even after you no longer work together.

Parkins adds: ‘With this in mind, it is important to keep a professional work relationship in place, especially with senior members of staff.’

Networking and maintaining contacts within the industry is a great way to develop your career, on both a professional and personal level. Being close to former colleagues is a good way to keep up to date with insights within the industry and employers too.

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‘Knowing a contact within a firm is a great way to know more about the culture of the firm. It would give you an insight into the day-to-day running and why you might want to work for them,’ says Parkins.

‘If you are interviewing with a firm, it is also always a great bonus if you know someone already there, who can give you a good referral. With this in mind, it is always good to leave a firm on good terms – you never know who could be interviewing you at a later date.

‘I have previously spoken to many accounting professionals who know and have enjoyed working with senior staff and go on to choose a specific firm to be able to work with them again.’

Work is, of course, a massive part of everyone’s life and establishing work colleagues and friendships is important for a fulfilled work life.

‘With the changes to working from Covid, a lot of firms have put fully remote working in place, and while this seems beneficial, many professionals have left their current firm as they have struggled to connect and interact with their colleagues and build this network around them,’ concludes Parkins.

Author: Alex Miller, writer

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