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Life is about availability and choices. You look at the availability of things and then make choices on those you wish to do. Almost every thought you have involves a choice. What shall I have for dinner? What button shall I press on a website? Shall I call so and so for a chat? You to try to choose carefully to make sure you spend your time doing the things that bring you most benefit. You are selective.  

I don’t like your music, it’s just not my style

Our taste in music is very personal. Whether you like modern jazz, Cornish sea shanties or minimal techno, if you find a style you like, you are more likely to seek other types of bands or music that maybe similar. Time is limited, so it makes sense to follow paths you know you enjoy. Not everyone will like the same musical genres, but you will enjoy engaging with people that do. You are being selective. 

Finding the right job and the right employer is vitally important

You should be selective in the jobs you apply for too. Think about it. You have to be in a job and working environment that you enjoy. This may be a key reason you are wanting to change employer now. When you may spend 40 hours or more at work during the week, your happiness, wellbeing and sense of purpose in that job are vital.  

Do not press the panic button yet!

If you really are unhappy in your current role then thinking through carefully what you want next is imperative. As it is so easy now to apply for multiple jobs at the click of a button, there may be a temptation to think ‘I’ll take any job, just get me out of here’ out of frustration. But the last thing anyone would want is to leap out of the frying pan and into the fire. Step back, consider each role you apply for carefully to see it feels right for you.&

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Concentrate more of your time on fewer applications 

Rather than the scattergun approach of applying for multiple jobs with one generic CV, be selective and tailor your CV for a fewer number of applications. I often speak to job seekers who are mystified why they apply for 100s of jobs and get no interviews. The answer is usually because they are applying for lots of jobs with one version of the CV. You cannot expect your one CV to connect to all these jobs when job descriptions for even the same job title can have vastly different requirements.  

Align your CV to the person specification 

Read the job description and person specification for each job you apply for. When you get that lightbulb moment, and the role feels right, then is the time to apply. Look carefully at the criteria contained in the person specification. This tells you exactly what the organisation will be using to assess the CVs. The more you can align and mirror your CV to these specific requirements, the better your CV will perform. Think carefully about how best to approach tailoring your CV and cover letter and giving yourself the maximum chance of securing an interview.   

This article was written by Neville Rose, Director of CV Writers. 

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