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ACCA Careers — the definition of a recruitment ‘no-brainer’

Like always playing Lionel Messi if you’re the coach of Barcelona, or accepting free tickets to your favourite band, or finding new indoor hobbies amid the Covid-19 pandemic… using ACCA Careers to recruit ACCA members and students globally — for free — is a ‘no-brainer’.

As a global community of 227,000 members and 544,000 future members active in 176 countries, ACCA is a truly worldwide accountancy and finance qualification. And you can tap this market of talent, which consists of c-suite, entrepreneurs, partners, managers and future skills ready junior finance professionals, at zero cost with ACCA’s dedicated in-house recruitment service — ACCA Careers.

As a recruitment platform, we already work with employers including the Big 4 and major multinationals, as well as a thriving community of smaller practices and businesses. Therefore, the site hosts a myriad of finance roles at any one time, from graduate schemes and internships, to business partners, senior managers, strategists, analysts and CFOs.

This attracts a lot of talented eyes. As of November, we had over 20,000 unique users in India, nearly 8,000 in China, a huge presence of nearly 20,000 across Asia Pacific, over 15,000 in Pakistan, and nearly 6,000 in the Middle East. This is not to mention our growing presence in Eastern Europe, where we have over 2,500 unique users in Poland and over 1,600 in Romania. While in Africa you’ll find over 5,000 unique users in our biggest markets Egypt, Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa.

If you’re unfamiliar with ACCA talent

ACCA qualified finance professionals are a diverse group of people working at all levels of commerce and public service. They have all achieved a tough, modern qualification that sets them up for working across sectors and industries and at the forefront of technological and operational innovation.

The qualification stands for global excellence and the insights, research and continued professional development members must undertake throughout their careers keeps this community at the forefront of business and finance. Organisations need the ACCA difference more than ever as they look to recover from Covid-19 and our members are ready to lead any organisation towards a sustainable future.

There is literally no reason not to recruit with ACCA Careers

For one off jobs, if you are outside of the UK, you can create an account an post your job today here

If you a high volume recruiter, or an employment agency, please get in touch with us to discuss how we can help you post your roles easily and efficiently and at zero cost.


Here are our latest monthly unique user figures (November 2020):

Country Users
United Kingdom 25,386
India 20,787
Pakistan 15,297
Malaysia 9,737
China 7,598
United States 5,106
Singapore 4,370
United Arab Emirates 3,475
Saudi Arabia 2,756
Ireland 2,681
Poland 2,531
Sri Lanka 2,037
Indonesia 1,768
Romania 1,649
Egypt 1,468
Nigeria 1,314
Vietnam 1,266
Ghana 1,213
South Africa 1,058
Canada 997
Netherlands 952
Australia 944
Hong Kong 895
Kenya 895
France 864
Germany 675
Trinidad & Tobago 675
Mauritius 657
Zambia 648
Zimbabwe 648
Philippines 644
Bangladesh 639
Bahrain 617
Finland 573
Oman 556
Russia 534
Albania 445
Turkey 445
Qatar 423
Austria 379
Italy 366
Uganda 366
Bulgaria 326
Brazil 326
Ukraine 322
Nepal 317
Hungary 304
Jamaica 304
Greece 291

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